sound of the surf
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Here are some of the people who tell their story in Sound Of The Surf.

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John Blair (co-Producer) 每 Writer, producer, and guitarist who made significant contributions to surf music and is credited with single handedly starting Surf Music*s &second wave* when he formed Jon & The Nightriders in 1979. 

John also authored "The Illustrated Discography of Surf Music" now in it's 4th Edition.

  Kathy Marshall  

Dick Dale 每 Dale was crowned "King of the Surf Guitar" by local surfers in 1961 when he played the Rendezvous Ballroom in Balboa California. His loud and thundering guitar became an instant attraction for thousands of teenagers who came to dance the "Surfer's Stomp" on the wooden floor. Dick's original, unique style and innovative equipment galvanized the Surf Music movement and became the standard for the Sound of the Surf. 

  Paul Johnson  

Paul Johnson 每 Prominent and widely respected Surf Guitarist. Founded Belairs in 1961 and is responsible for igniting the South Bay surf music scene in LA. Johnson continues to perform and record as half of The Duotones and as lead guitarist for Jim Fuller's Surfaris (※Wipeout§).

  Eddie Bertrand  

Eddie Bertrand 每 Bertrand is another Surf pioneer and co-founded The Belairs in 1961. He later formed the successful group ※Eddie and the Showmen§ and became a Surf staple of Orange County mostly at Retail Clerk's Hall. Bertrand is highly respected within the global surf music community.


Flo and Eddie 每 Before they were "Flo and Eddie", they were the "Turtles". Before that, they were the "Crossfires", an instrumental Surf band who cut their teeth in the Los Angeles area.

  David Marks  

David Marks 每 Original guitarist for the Beach Boys. Marks' guitar was an seminal contribution to the Sound of Surf music. He played on the first four Beach Boys albums for Capitol Records. In 2007, he authored "The Lost Beach Boy". Returning to the Beach Boys in 1997, Marks continues to perform with the group today on the 50th anniversary tour.

  Lloyd Thaxton  

Lloyd Thaxton 每 Writer, producer, and host of the syndicated 1960*s television program The Lloyd Thaxton Show. A pioneer of live television, Thaxton earned five Emmy awards and fifteen Emmy nomination over his lengthy career.

  Bill Medley  

Bill Medley 每 Singer, songwriter and founding member of The Righteous Brothers (inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2003). Hit records included You*ve Lost That Loving Feeling, Ebb Tide and Unchained Melody.

  Richard Delvy  

Richard Delvy 每 Drummer and original founding member of the Belairs in 1961. Delvy later formed the surf band The Challengers. Delvy later became a hugely successful music producer and publisher.

  Bob Spickard  

Bob Spickard 每 Original founding member of The Chantays. He wrote the band*s hit song and surf music staple, Pipeline, in 1963.

  Kathy Marshall  

Kathy Marshall 每 Legendary &60s Southern California female surf guitarist. Performed with Eddie and The Showmen, the Blazers, and others. Became known as ※The Queen of Surf Guitar§.

  Bob Berryhill  

Bob Berryhill 每 Original founding member of The Surfaris. He co-wrote the band*s huge hit Wipeout.

  Jim Fuller  

Jim Fuller 每
Original founding member of The Surfaris with Berryhill. Fuller co-wrote ※Wipeout§
  Nick O'Malley  

Nick O'Malley 每 Guitarist and founding member of Dick Dales 60*s band the The Deltones.

  Art Munson  

Art Munson 每 Guitarist and founding member of Dick Dales 60*s band The Deltones. Together with Dick Dale, Nick O*Malley, and the other members of the Deltones, Munson appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1963. After leaving the Deltones, Munson played for The Righteous Brothers, Nancy Sinatra, Glen Campbell and John Lennon and many others.

  Steve Pezman  

Steve Pezman 每 Publisher of Surfer Magazine from 1971to 1991. Began publishing Surfer*s Journal in 1992. From 1998 to 2001, Pezman executive produced The Surfer*s Journal television series for Outdoor Life Network.

  Tom Morey  

Tom Morey 每 Pioneer surfer and innovator, best know for inventing Morey Boogie Board. As a drummer, Morey has worked professionally with musicians such as Dizzy Gillespie, Stew Williamson, Bud Shank and Conti Condoli.

  Kathy "Gidget" Kohner_Zuckerman  

Kathy ※Gidget§ Kohner-Zuckerman 每 The original ※Gidget§. As a teenager she wrote her experiences in her diary which her father, Frederick Kohner, used as inspiration for the novel ※Gidget§. The novel was the basis for the popular 1959 theatrical film of the same name and later developed into a television series.

  Terry "Tubesteak" Tracy  

Terry ※Tubesteak§ Tracy 每 Legendary Malibu surfer nicknamed ※The Mayor of Malibu§. It was Tracy who gave Kathy Kohner her ※Gidget§ nickname. Tracy is responsible for constructing the grass shack on the beach at Malibu in the late 50*s, noted in West Coast surfing culture as a central meeting and socializing point for local area surfers at the time.


Bob J. Dalley 每 Writer, producer, and guitarist in the Surf Raiders from Azusa, Ca. Bob is probably better known as author of "Surfin' Guitars: Instrumental Surf Bands of the Sixties" which will soon be released in it's 3rd edition.

  Domenic Priore  

Domenic Priore 每 Author and surf culture historian. Author of Beatsville (2003), Smile: The Story Of Brian Wilson*s Lost Masterpiece (2005), and Riot On Sunset Strip (2007). Founder/editor of Dumb Angel magazine, a publication dedicated to the early recording projects of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. In 2008, he co-authored the book Pop Surf Culture with Brian Chidester.

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